Murder, She Bet

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  1. 2-8 players will sign into a game using the box above, each on a different device
  2. The players will watch a murder mystery TV show such as Poirot or Scooby Doo
  3. The show must have multiple suspects who may turn out to be guilty at the end
  4. Players will add suspects to the board, with their phone's camera
  5. Players buy and sell bets on the suspects' guilt
  6. When the credits roll, if a suspect is guilty, their bets will be turned into money
  7. Try to have as much money as possible at the end!

How to play, using a suggested practice murder mystery video:

Advanced: Rule Clarifications and FAQ

Subreddit, Discord, Github
This game is an adaptation by @hamish_todd of a design/discovery by Robin Hanson
More information on the game and its philosophy can be found here.